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January 15 2021

Roma Prince S.A. Receives The Essential Costa Rica (Country Brand) Licencing For The Second Time

Since 2014, Roma Prince SA obtained the Essential Costa Rica certification known as Country Brand. This award has been the effort of all the personnel who […]
January 5 2021

Product Of The Month – Spaghettini # 3

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH – SPAGHETTINI # 3 One of the great strengths of pasta is its immense variety, and one of the most interesting is the presentation of the […]
January 5 2021

Current Affairs

The global health crisis has shaken people’s psychology, impacted the economy of families, and modified our daily behavior.      According to the latest insights offered by Think with Google Latin America, we are facing […]
November 1 2020

Industrial Innovation At The Service Of A Connected Consumer

With the advancement of technology and communication, consumers have changed our vision of the world and, therefore, also of purchase. According to Innova Market Insights, the focus of consumers […]
August 16 2019

Product Of The Month – Oven Ready Lasagna

At Roma Prince, we care about our clients’ unique needs, and we know that time is a critical factor. Our ready-to-bake Lasagna is enriched with vitamins […]
August 1 2019

Adapting To Consumption Trends

Long-term consumer behavior or attitude has a global impact on multiple industries; for this reason, Euromonitor International -the specialized market studies firm- revealed the megatrends that […]
June 7 2019

How To Conquer The Palate Of The Millennials In 2019?

Consumers are increasingly demanding, and the so-called millennial generation is no exception. But why do we emphasize this group? Let us remember that the millennial generation […]
June 7 2019

Tricolor Pasta

The latest research on pasta shows that it is one of the most nutritious and varied foods, according to the Scientific Report of the Advisory Committee […]
October 10 2018

Why Is The Digitalization Of The Food Industry Important?

Is it possible to manufacture in a personalized way for an increasingly demanding consumer? The food industry 4.0 was born as a technological response to create […]



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